Wiradjuri Echoes

One of our biggest goals is to further develop our centre’s connection with our rich and diverse community in Kambah, and in particular to work with our local Indigenous community to enrich the experience of all of our Salem children, providing opportunities for them to develop their connection with the land and the culture of its traditional custodians.

dancersAfter consideration of the benefits of incursions, we decided to put the traditional ‘preschool’ incursions such as tooth fairy visits or puppet shows, which don’t connect to our curriculum or community, aside for the moment, and concentrate on something more real and ongoing which reflects the goals of our QIP and our centre philosophy.

We began with an inservice from Duncan Smith from Wiradjuri Echoes Consultancy, and were grateful to Duncan for sharing his perspective and wealth of knowledge with us. We have followed this up by having Duncan and his family perform with us each fortnight, spending time with our Friday children, playing music, and sharing traditional songs and dances. This not only increases our children’s understanding of Australian culture, but develops the cultural competency of ourselves as educators as well, while demonstrating our commitment towards reconciliation and acknowledging traditional knowledge.

Duncan and the team can be contacted via their website: http://www.wiradjuriechoes.com.au/