Occasional care at Salem

  • Finding child care last-minute can be difficult for families, which is why Salem now offers occasional care to our currently-enrolled children. Whether you’re enrolled one day per week, or four, if you need an additional day of care, all you need to do is phone the centre and check if a space is available on the day.
  • We can also offer temporary bookings of eight weeks or more to non-currently-enrolled families.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer occasional care to children who don’t have an existing booking at Salem, as many children can find ‘one off’ trips to child care on an irregular basis distressing.
  • Occasional care days do not incur an additional surcharge: you only pay for the day of care as per a normal booking, with the same rate, and the same rebates and benefits applying.
  • Whether it’s a work commitment, a family commitment, or you just need a day for personal reasons, ask about occasional care today!